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How to Become a Social Media Manager in 2020

Today millions of people are on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other social media platforms. A lot of celebrities, politicians, and other professionals are now on social media, and they need someone to manage their accounts to write up, publish posts, reply to direct messages and comments, to track the interaction, checking what is trending, and update their clients.

The social media manager is the one who manages the social channels of a company. The main goal is to optimize brand awareness through social media networks.

Skills needed to be a Social Media Manager

Below are the five skills you need to be an excellent social media manager.

1. Social Media Expertise – Someone who has an extensive understanding of how social media works and to drive traffic on a website. Someone knows how to grow a following.

2. Visual Content – An excellent color combination, the right image, and a perfect video is another component in a social media post. These will attract people to share your post and gain traffic.

3. Flexibility – Being flexible is very important, especially in marketing. Every day there is a new trend, and you need to move quickly to keep up. Perform an A/B test to see which version of the ad or content performs better.

4. SEO Knowledge – Having SEO knowledge will help you optimize your content on social media networks, boost your website of organic traffic, increase brand mentions, and can help build a partnership.

5. Research – Research some tools, tricks to help your brand keep up to the latest social media changes. Create a list of active social media sites, set up google alerts, use some news aggregators, create a twitter stream.

Tools and methods to help keep up to date with social media trends

1. Google Alerts – is a free tool from the search engine of Google. You can create a list of topic, news, information, articles, blogs that sends an email to subscribers. You can set the notification to come daily or weekly.

2. Feedly – Keep up with the topics and trends you care about, without the overwhelm. You can make your research workflow efficient and enjoyable. Experience the power of RSS. Organize and read all your trusted publications and blogs in one place. Train Leo, your AI research assistant, to read your feeds and filter out the noise. Collaboratively research and share key industry trends. 

3. RSS feed URL – following a website’s RSS feed allows you to stay up-to-date on everything that the website publishes around the world. If you’re busy, this is the best way to make sure you will get the latest content from your favorite website. 

4. Know Your Meme – is a website and video series which uses wiki software to document various online memes and other online trending topics, such as viral videos, image macros, catchphrases, Internet celebrities, and more. It also searches for new and changing memes as it commercializes the culture.

5. Specialist Diploma is Social Media Marketing – get certified with this Social Media Marketing Course. This dynamic specialized online social marketing course covering Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, YouTube, and Instagram give you the skills, know-how, strategy, and techniques to be that change. 

6. Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing – gain a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing. This course delivered 100% online, teaches the importance of digital marketing skills that you can use in the modern workplace. Some of the topics are Google Ads, SEO, social media marketing, Google Analytics, mobile marketing, and more.

Average Social Media Manager Salary

According to Payscale, the average salary of a Social Media Manager is $50,986.00. Typically makes between $35,000.00 up to $78,000.00 with hourly rate of $15.65

Popular Employer Salaries for Social Media Manager

The top respondents for the job title Social Media Manager are from the companies Microsoft Corp, NBCUniversal Media LLC. and The Walt Disney Company. Reported salaries are highest at NBCUniversal Media LLC. where the average pay is $70,000. Other companies that offer high salaries for this role include Horizon Media, Inc., earning around $69,000. Sitewire pays the lowest at approximately $44,862. Microsoft Corp also pays on the lower end of the scale, paying $55,955.

Source: Payscale

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